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Double Pipe Heat Tube Exchanger

This type of heat exchangers are mostly used in the fields of Thermal Power Station, petroleum and Heat Industry, Oil and food Plants, Power Stations and etc.

Features of Double pipe heat exchanger: High Efficiency, International high quality, Low Maintenance Cost, Quick Heat Transfer.

Double pipe heat exchanger Calculation: We are using most excellent softwares for support of complicated calculations while design of double pipe heat exchanger.

Double pipe heat exchanger Design : Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd used top rated softwares to design and best quality design engineers to design your double pipe heat exchanger. The heat exchangers are usually designed in a hairpin shape with ASME Code and will typically be either counterflow or parallel flow.

1. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) ASME Code

2. TEMA (Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association)

The heat exchanger is completed of concentric inside also exterior pipe and the Heat exchangers are used to transfer the energy from one substance to another. This Heat system structure is simple and heat transmission is big.

Thermal design Calculation

Q = UA ?Tlm
After determination of the required heat transfer surface area,
Other Mechanical Design are made, With reference to Process applications.

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger types:

  • Counter flow and
  • Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger
  • Multi tube Double pipe exchangers
  • Single tube Double pipe exchangers
  • Countercurrent Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
  • Double Pipe Hairpin Type
  • Typical Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Double Pipe Heat Exchangers Applications

Heat Transfer Equipments are offering Double pipe for the below industrial application.

  • Tubeside with High pressure
  • Pasteurization
  • Low allowable pressure drop
  • Digester heating
  • Heat recovery
  • High flow rate ratios
  • High terminal temperature differences.
  • Pre-heating
  • Its dependable and once-through
  • Effluent cooling.
  • Especially in cases of process-temperature crosses

Process flow diagram for the double-pipe heat exchanger

Counter Flow Double Pipe

Process Flow Double Pipe

Process Flow Douple Pipe Heat Exchanger

Typical Double Pipe Exchanger

Double Pipe Hairpin Type Heat Exchanger

Countercurrent Double Pipe

Double Pipe Exchanger

Double Pipe Exchanger 1

Douple Pipe Exchanger 2

Some other Notes:

Hairpin heat exchangers also called as double pipes characterized by its construction form of U shaped appearance to the heat exchanger.

Heat Transfer Equipments also supplier and exporter of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger word wide.