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RCC Cooling Tower

We are Specialist in the establishment of Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers. We Do RCC Cooling Towers Design and Construction for both in Cross Flow RCC Cooling Towers and Counter Flow RCC Cooling Towers, With Long life Compare to FRP and Timber Cooling Towers. RCC Towers made of Concrete cell. All Internal Parts are As per Other Cooling Towers.
The Performance of Cooling Tower is Pre Determined and Over Designed based on Long Life Approach. Also Our style of construction is Completely User Friendly and Attractive suitable for huge wate flow application plants like

RCC Cooling Tower Applications

  • power plants,
  • sugar plants,
  • Cement plants,
  • Boilers and water treatment plants etc.,



We manufacture high quality Induced draft Cooling Tower in RCC Construction also both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design that require easy maintenance and low recycle cost. As a result our industrial RCC cooling tower is highly demanded by a number of companies. With our hard work we have been able to enlist ourselves among the leading RCC cooling tower manufacturers and exporters in India. Since the structure of Cooling Tower is complete with RCC, the tower life will be more than timber as well as FRP.

Available in two designs:
  • Cross Flow design
  • Counter Flow design


Capacity of RCC Cooling Tower :
  • The ranges of our RCC Cooling towers are 500 m3/hr to 3000 m3/hr per Cell


Applications :
  • Power Plants
  • Sugar Plants
  • Chemicals Plants


Structure RCC
Fill Treated timber / PVC
Fill Support FRP grids / SS. grids
Drift eliminator Treated timber / PVC.
Drift eliminator support Marine plywood / PP
Nozzle Polypropylene (PP).
Hardware’s HDG.MS. / SS.
Fan assembly Cast Aluminium alloy/ FRP bladed
Fan cylinder RCC/PCC/FRP
Gearbox Worm / Spiral bevel
Drive shaft Floating HDG.MS.
Louvers RCC /PCC
Electric motor To suit country specific
Cold water basin RCC