Cooling Tower Cleaning

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Cooling Tower Cleaning
on February 14, 2013 in Updates

You can improve the cooling tower efficiency and life by cleaning the tower regularly. In cooling tower manual we clearly mentioned about the maintenance program of cooling tower by monthly and yearly. Dirty water in cooling tower fouls chillers, robs heat exchange efficiency and drives up energy costs.


We have our own maintenance team too. You may go for maintenance contract with us to clean your cooling tower and increase the utilization with out break down.


The cooling tower cleaning is needed while you are using hard water directly. Many clients are using the cooling tower using water softner plant to reduce and remove the hardness of the water. This process may reduce the block cleaning or replacement of fills.


We use the following equipments to clean cooling towers.


Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner :

We use to clean dirt and biological matter from Cooling Tower fill.


Vacumm :
Without having to drain the system or shut it down, we can remove slime, mud and other contaminants from cooling tower basins.


Descaler :
We use descaler oil to dissolves minerals deposits, calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits from passages in water cooled or heated equipment. This help to improve the operating efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. We use this to clean boilers, chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, oil coolers, cooling towers, furnaces and water piping systems.

By cleaning your cooling tower you may Keeps the system clean and Reduces biocide requirements. Also Prolongs the life of mechanical equipment and get a warning of sudden system disruptions. It will reduces your downtime and save maintenance and energy costs.You can aviod corrosion erosion of pump parts and equipment. What you are watching is the process of robot sucking away sludge in cooling tower.? By so the doing, the plant/factory need not be shut down during the cleaning process.

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